Music, Music, Music!!!


Music is the soundtrack to our lives! Passions stir when our favourite musicians take to the stage, especially in the sweet country air of an outdoor summer festival! Sound travels better in the open space, and when big speakers growl straight into the bare earth freedom rushes through our veins and love pumps from our hearts! This is what music festivals are all about!


It is all about the music, but we also like surprises, and know you will too! So, as in the past we are continuing our tradition of not announcing the full music lineup and set times before the festival. We want you to come with a completely open ear, ready for anything that takes your fancy at any time!


Don't worry, we will have a world class international and local lineup over 3 stages and 4 days, we just want the anticipation for the festival to be for the festival, not for the superstar dj playing in the main time slot!


Come with your friends, set up your camp, and then see where the music journey takes you, you may leave with a new favourite tune you never new existed, or a new dance that you've never danced before!


Music will start at 4pm Friday and end 6pm Monday.